20th Century Boys

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20th Century Boys
Original Manga Naoki Urasawa
Director/Artist NA
Format Manga
Made By Weekly Big Comic Spirits
Episode Length NA
# of Eps/Volumes 22+ (ongoing)


Drama, Mystery

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Conspiracies, mysterious terrorist organizations, papal assassinations, psychic powers and time leaps all mixed up into a glorious story of a man trying to save mankind with the help of his friends.

Main Description

Despite growing up with a love of rock & roll and a desire to be a hero of justice, Kenji and most of his childhood friends wound up in ordinary jobs leading ordinary lives. Kenji himself works at the family convenience store while taking care of his niece, who was left behind by his sister. But those childhood dreams were not so insignificant that they would stay in the past, for a mysterious cult led by a person named "Friend" appears to be using the innocent aspirations of Kenji for his own nefarious ends. After one of Kenji's friends is killed and he discovers evidence that links back to his childhood, he gathers up the rest of the gang from all those years ago to find the truth.

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Personal Opinions

Nate RFB

We've all encountered a story like this, I think. One where upon starting it, it becomes incredibly difficult to pause or put down temporarily. The "Oh man, just one more chapter, ffffuck how is it 3 AM already" type. With a story spanning decades and plot twists that Lost would be proud of, 20th Century Boys is one of the finest examples of Mystery Thrillers. This will undoubtedly go down as Naoki Urasawa's best works.


Takes a little bit to get going, but once it starts, it's a pretty fun ride. I should warn you, however, the conclusion is a little bit of a let down and characters never seem to die off-panel in almost certain fatal situations and just show up alive unconvincingly.