Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
The Sailor Senshi.
Original Manga Takeuchi Naoko
Director Sato Junich
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Toei
# of Episodes 200


Magical Girl, Shoujo

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Sailor Moon and her Sailor Senshi battle against the Dark Kingdom for people's life force.

Main Description

Tsukino Usagi is awakened to her true destiny by a talking cat named Luna. She is Sailor Moon, defender of justice. Her main enemies are the 4 Lieutenants of the Dark Kingdom. Throughout her adventures, she gains more allies in the form of other Sailor Senshi, one for each of the planets.

The show takes a sentai or "Power Ranger" feel to the show with the inclusion of the other heroines. Most episodes are monster of the day with some small character development.

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Personal Opinions


This series holds a special place for me. I was very early in my anime fandom when I watched it so something about it just sticks with me. The original series is the template that the rest of the seasons will follow but with minor changes so this is a good start. I honestly can't recommend it enough to people who enjoy the genre. Its almost like one of the grandfathers of the entire magical girl genre.


I can remember watching this dub when I was younger on CN and really being caught up in it. 15 years later I decided to revisit the series for a bit of nostalgia. If you are going to watch this I cannot recommend highly enough that you watch the subbed version. While the VA for the dub is fine enough they edited a good portion of the show for "content" to the point that entire episodes had to be cut out (more or less completely changing the ending to the first season) and pretty significant character information was modified (Uranus and Neptune become cousins instead of lesbian lovers).

Depending on which season you watch the pacing can be a little slow, the first season and Super S especially. However, there's certainly still enough character development and exposition that goes on to not make you want to stop watching and every season culminates in a finale that really ties everything together and gives you a great emotional ride.

It's worth noting that the final season (Stars) is only available in a subbed version as it was never dubbed but, between it and S is one of the best seasons because it rewards you through fan service in the form of allusions and references to previous seasons (the first ten or so episodes are actually a direct continuation from Super S). Its finale brings the entire 200 episode series to a satisfying close that makes you wish it hadn't ended.

For anyone that is into "magic girl" animes or like me felt nostalgic and wondered how well it aged it's certainly worth the watch.


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