Galaxy Angel

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Galaxy Angel
Original Manga N/A
Director/Artist Morimo Asaka, Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Broccoli, Madhouse
Episode Length 12 Minutes
# of Eps/Volumes

26 (Galaxy Angel)
19 (Galaxy Angel Z)
26 (Galaxy Angel A)
26 (Galaxy Angel AA)
26 (Galaxy Angel X)


Comedy, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentence

A special military group of bumbling women looking for ancient technology and instead just getting into a bunch of hilarious situations.

Main Description

The Angel Troupe, an elite division of the Transvaal Empire military, are assigned to search for the Lost Technology. Nobody is sure what Lost Technology is exactly, so the groups spends most of their time doing any odd jobs that come their way. Utilizing their specially designed Emblem Frames, spacecrafts possessing the most technologically advanced equipment known, they search for Lost Technology and fight for justice... Sometimes.

Galaxy Angel is loosely based on the video game series of the same name. Rather than following any sense of story continuity, Galaxy Angel plays out more like an episodic comedy, with the plot of each episode being resolved (more or less) by the end of the 12 minutes. Lost Technology is usually used as a plot device to set up comical situations, and usually takes the form of an everyday appliance or device with extraordinary capabilities. Because of the episodic nature of the show, things that happen in one episode are not referenced in later episodes. Most of the humor in Galaxy Angel comes from parodies, puns, and character interaction.


Milfeulle Sakuraba


The newest member of the Angel Troupe, Milfeulle is a seventeen-year-old girl with an unusually high amount of luck, good and bad, but she usually comes out of it unscathed while her peers end up battered and beaten. Enjoys cooking, especially sweets such as cakes and pastries. She may or may not be able to fly using the flowers on her head.

Ranpha Franboise


A beautiful, vain young lady with incredible physical strength and prowess. She is often obsessed with handsome and rich men, which she never seems to be able to find. Likes extremely spicy food.

Mint Blanchmanche


Mint is a well-spoken young girl from a wealthy family. Loves to wear costumes, but not around other people. Likes to eat junk food. Her ears may or may not give her the ability of flight. Will not talk about her ears.

Forte Stollen


Leader of the Angel Troupe, Forte is a gun-fanatic who often believes force is the solution to most problems. Often partakes in get-rich-quick schemes with Ranpha. She collects firearms and various weapons as a hobby. Hates mice.

Vanilla H


The youngest member of the Angel Troupe, Vanilla is a soft-spoken girl who is apparently very religious. Often carries Normad around for unknown reasons, but doesn't respond much to his praise. Has a huge machine in her room that she usually prays to.

Chitose Karasuma


Not appearing until the fourth season of GA (Galaxy Angel X), Chitose can never really decide between assisting the Angels or trying to kill them all. She serves as both an antagonist and protagonist in the series; the only constant is that she'll fail at both. And we all love her for it!

Volcott O. Huey


The commander of the Angel Troupe. Like to vaccuum apparently.



Also known as MA347612890GT4078579132R74マルマルZ17924398TZR二千モジュラー誘導タイプ452963752391MQTOゴールドランチシステムGLS搭載自己判断型タイプダブル・オー・スリーセブン293165734285YGNKTIO1200YMCA4126PPPKG53ノーマッド. Normad is the AI of a missile that decided that he did not want to explode, and whose chip was transferred from the missile to a stuffed animal. Often carried by Vanilla, whom he admires quite a bit and whose honor he defends as best as his limited articulation allows. Normad is usually a victim of slapstick antics.

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Personal Opinions

Mercury Crusader

At first, I thought it was an alright series. The more I watched, however, the more I began to appreciate the humor in it. Being episodic, you can literally start watching at any point of the series and not worry about a storyline, since everything in an episode is resolved by the end. I tend to watch comedy more than anything else, and I use Galaxy Angel as the standard by which all episodic comedies are rated. I highly recommend this series.

Nate RFB

Galaxy Angel is to me the best gag anime ever made. It's the Japanese equivalent of Looney Toons. Full of slapstick and nonsensical happenings, it has a atmosphere that's charming as hell. It took a while to warm up to me, and there certainly were episodes that weren't up to the task. But I'll be damned if I ever find an anime comedy that's as rewatchable as this. Maybe it's because despite being completely silly, fanbases have become so attached to the characters that ranking them has become a meme of itself. This series was damn lovable.

Also Chitose is a Angel-tai member no matter what anyone says.

Keyboard Kid

I have to agree with Mercury Crusader here--Galaxy Angel really does grow on you. I wasn't a huge fan until somewhere between seasons 2 and 3. The episodic humor is great, and the cast is outstanding, even when characters are added in the later seasons. The manga is quite different, and falls more into a short drama rather than a wacky comedy. Galaxy Angel II or Rune or whatever is horrid in comparison to the original Galaxy Angel. GA is an essential comedy series for anyone who is a fan of anime.