Irresponsible Captain Tylor

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Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Director/Artist Koichi Mashimo
Format Anime (TV)
Anime (OVA)
Made By Big West & Tatsunoko
Episode Length 24 minutes
# of Episodes 26 (TV)
10 (OVA)


Sci-Fi, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

As the human race squares off against a monarchial alien civilization, a space captain with a strong aversion to all things logical leads a wary crew through the intergalatic struggle, making friends and blowing stuff up along the way.

Characters / Main Description

Lt. Commander Justy Ueki Tylor Age 20. Joined the United Planets Space Force looking for an easy life, but had the misfortune of enlisting right when a war started. Originally assigned to the pension department, he somehow foils a terrorist attack on a retired admiral's life and becomes captain of the Soyokaze, a dumping ground for the misfits of the navy.

Tylor's often described as having the devil's luck by his superiors since he has an uncanny knack for survival. It's hard to tell if he really is the idiot he appears to be or some kind of genius. He has a knack for charming people with his exceptional charisma, to the point of even earning the respect of several senior enemy personal (including their leader, Azalyn.)

Lt. Commander Yuriko Star The Soyokaze's intelligence officer. A by the book soldier who isn't afraid to discipline her captain when he gets out of line.

Lieutenant Makoto Yamamoto First officer of the Soyakaze and another straight-laced military man. Consistently tries to get the Soyakaze's crew to act like the professionals they are supposed to be. Believes Tylor is a bumbling fool, but is torn between respecting the chain of command and actually reporting the truth about his captain.

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Correct Opinions


An original and genuinely funny subversion of 80s' space opera.

Nate RFB

It's as if Yang Wenli were transposed into a comedy. Classic comedy that pokes fun at (yet still embraces) tropes from all spectrums of science fiction, with particular focus on space warfare stories.


Irresponsible Captain Tylor is an extremely fun watch. It takes a bunch of cliches and situations that you would see in any other space opera and plays it all for laughs. Tylor is consistently hilarious throughout the entire series. If you aren't hooked by the end of the third episode you probably don't have a sense of humor.