Mobile Fighter G Gundam

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Mobile Fighter G Gundam
G gundam.jpg
Director/Artist Yasuhiro Imagawa
Format Anime (TV)
Made By Sunrise
Episode Length 22 minutes
# of Episodes 49


Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentencee

Gundams are used in a fighting tournament to decide which country will, effectively, rule the world. Japan turns up with crazy shit and things take off from there.

Shorter Sum it up in a Sentence

Domon cries, Master Asia flies, Schwarz hides, Rain confides, Gundams die.

Main Description

In the Future Century, mankind has solved all diplomatic problems by sanctioning the Gundam Fight, a championship tournament held every four years to decide the supreme ruler of Earth. G Gundam focuses on the rise of budding Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu and his efforts to suppress the evil Dark Gundam, save his imprisoned father, and win the championship on behalf of Neo Japan.

The notorious Hurricane Gundam, representing Neo Holland

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Personal Opinions

Big Big Moon

G Gundam is not a thinking man's anime. It's big, flashy, silly, over-the-top robot fighting action with hilariously exaggerated national caricatures thrown into a world where everything from boats to snakes to clocks look like Gundam heads. As long as you don't expect to pick up some Nietszche while watching, it's almost impossible to not love watching Domon and the Shuffle Alliance face off against Master Asia and his growling lectures about Sun Tzu's Art of War over and over. The characters are paper-thin, the plot is predictable, the Gundams look fucking ridiculous, and every single episode has an epic Deus ex Machina, but Imagawa plays the whole thing straight and it works perfectly. G Gundam is my personal favorite of the franchise, and Chibodee Crocket makes me proud to be an American. Just don't expect any mindgames deeper than painting Gundams to look like different Gundams.


Do you like B-Movies? Kung Fu flicks? Then here's the Gundam for you. Completely different from the rest of the Gundam franchise, and recommended for anyone with a sense of humor. Characters spin-kick bullets out of the air, and snap their fingers to summon Gundams that appear out of nowhere. There's a Canadian Gundam that doubles as a lumberjack, and a Mexican Gundam that wears a sombrero (no, seriously). It's dumb, episodic fun that builds to a kickass final battle.