Record of Lodoss War

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Record of Lodoss War
Casting Magic Missile all up in this piece.
Director/Artist Akinori Nagaoka
Format Anime (OVA)
Made By Kadokawa Shoten
# of Episodes 13


Fantasy, Action

Sum it up in a Sentence

Dungeons and Dragons meets animation without the stupid unicorn.

Main Description

On the island continent of Lodoss, in the country of Alania, a boy named Parn sets out on adventure to discover the true fate of his deceased father, a dishonored knight. Along the way he'll befriend a gaggle of D&D archetypes and fight alongside them against a myriad of monsters and men, eventually standing off against the forces that divide Lodoss in two.

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Personal Opinions


It's a pretty generic fantasy story aimed for teenagers and does not age particularly well in my opinion. I know that anime isn't the place for that but if you're looking for a more mature-oriented show, avoid this one. If you're looking for the most generic AD&D transcription you can possibly imagine, then Record of Lodoss War does that pretty well and you're not gonna be disappointed.


The first anime I ever bought, so I'm biased, but here's an attempt at objectivity: Unequivocally the single greatest piece of high fantasy yet to be animated by Japanese dudes... though I use the word animated loosely, the art is great, but it's more like a picturebook at times. Just don't expect a high frame count and you'll enjoy this if you enjoy anything at all resembling classic fantasy. Oh and Fun Fact: this series was actually based off of the manga version of the novelization of RPG replay transcriptions of actual D&D games. Doesn't get any dorkier than that. Shit owns.


^^^Do keep your expectations in check here^^^. Lodoss War has beautiful art and some decent characters, but overall it's as generic as they come. I hate to ruin the surprise, but surprises apparently do not exist in the kingdom of Lodoss, sealed away with the dark lord Marfa or something. But now that you've been warned, it might be worth watching just for the multiple extended still closeups of Karla. Oh, and watch the 26episode TV version of Lodoss just for its OP (among the best that have been produced to date).


In an interesting twist, the first episode takes place further along in the story chronologically, just in case you get confused. Also the first episode has a Dungeon and a Dragon, so everything else from there on is gravy. The animation production definitely has its shortcuts, but it doesn't harm the overall feel and atmosphere. Peace between Dwarfs and Elves.