Saya no Uta

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Saya no Uta
Director/Scenario Gen Urobuchi
Format Visual Novel
Made By Nitro+
Reading Time Between 8 and 10 hours


Horror, Psychological, Romance

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A horrific, disturbing, disgusting, and strangely heartwarming tale that mixes romance and Lovecraftian horror.

Main Description

Fuminori Sakisaka is the victim of a car accident which killed his parents and left him near death. His life is saved by an experimental brain surgery, but his perception of the world is altered as a result. People look like horrible monsters and smell like rotting flesh, the world looks like it has been covered in guts and gore, and foods that he once found delicious now make him want to vomit. As he withdraws from the world around him, he meets a girl named Saya while resting in his hospital bed. She is the only person in the world to appear normal to Fuminori's warped senses. Saya agrees to move in with Fuminori, on the condition that Fuminori find her missing father.

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Personal Opinions


Saya no Uta is what got me started on visual novels as a medium and introduced me to Gen Urobuchi and Nitro+, so it holds a special place in my heart. The story can become incredibly disgusting, with each major event becoming more disturbing than the last. Despite all of this, the romance elements are still very heartwarming. The story is a romance between two people who have no one in the world but each other, taken to the utmost extreme. It only has three endings, but all three of them are excellent. With one of the endings being about halfway through the game, the remaining two endings are both extremely satisfying ways to end the story. ZIZZ provides an excellent soundtrack that fits each scene perfectly.

Also: Press and hold enter to quickly skip text. This IS an H-game, so it can be helpful to know that.