Scrapped Princess

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Scrapped Princess
The poison that will destroy the world and her two guardians
Original Light Novel Ichiro Sakaki
Director Soichi Masui
Format Anime (TV)
# of Episodes 24


Fantasy, Action, Drama, Recommended Dub

Sum it up in a Sentence:

A forsaken princess foretold to bring about the apocalypse travels with her older siblings and tries not to get killed.

Main Description

The 5111th Revelation of Grendel: the female child born to a certain king will bring forth the end of the world upon reaching her 16th birthday. To avert this dark prophecy, the child must be sentenced to death. That child is Pacifica Cassul, the Scrapped Princess, and she was saved from her grisly fate 15 years ago. Traveling with her adoptive brother and sister, she faces the constant threat of death by the zealots of the god Mauser, the royal army commanded by her father, and the occasional assassin or bounty hunter. Nobody can be trusted when you're the poison that will destroy the world. But can such a carefree and friendly girl really be an agent of the apocalypse, or is something else at play behind the scenes? As the day of Pacifica's 16th birthday draws near, the siblings begin to learn the true nature of the Scrapped Princess is beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

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Personal Opinions


Scrapped Princess came along at the tail end of the anime fantasy boom of the late 90s/early oughts, and is probably one of the most overlooked. The story presents a lot of interesting ideas, and has a lot of likable characters. It's not perfect by any stretch, the characters are mostly two-dimensional and the plot is forwarded by a lot of contrivances and coincidence, but it's a solid effort with a lot of unique elements to make it stand out. The animation, handled by BONES, is typical of their pre-FMA days. The art is bright and detailed, with interesting character and monster design. The animation itself is mostly fluid save for the occasional dip in framerate. Usually when horses are involved, I guess horses suck to draw. The music is composed by Hikaru Nanase, A.K.A. Masumi Ito, and is probably some of her strongest work. The ending theme, performed by Ito, is particularly striking. The English dub, while pretty old, is mostly solid and packed with big name voice actors like Crispin Freeman, Wendee Lee and the late Bob Papenbrook. Overall, Scrapped Princess isn't a timeless masterpiece, but is certainly deserving of more recognition than it gets.


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