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Novels By Hajime Kanzaka
Directors Takashi Watanabe
Format Anime (TV), Anime (OVA), Anime (Movie), Manga, Light Novel
Made By Hajime Kanzaka, E.G. Films
Season Name Episodes
Slayers 23
Next 23
Try 23
Revolution 13
Evolution-R 13
Title Episodes
Slayers Special 3
Slayers Excellent 3
Title Length
Slayers - The Motion Picture 65 Minutes
Slayers Return 60 Minutes
Slayers Great 61 Minutes
Slayers Gorgeous 64 Mintues
Slayers Premium 30 Minutes


Fantasy, Action, Comedy

Sum it up in a Sentence

Dungeons & Dragons with the best DM ever.

Main Description

In a land of fantasy and fairytale, magic rules and one can prosper by the point of a sword. But somewhere between the realms of good and evil, a band of misfits stumble upon an artifact which could prove the undoing of all...

Meet Lina Inverse, a spunky sorceress with a penchant for fire, who enjoys nothing more than liberating the unearned from those less deserving. Teamed up with Gourry, a dashing swordsman of unrivaled skill and unrivaled stupidity, they must take on the forces of the demon lord and his countless servants, seeking to the world and hoping for game and fortune along the way.

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Personal Opinions


This one of the first anime series I got into. I've followed it over the years, and though I haven't seen the latest production, I recommend the original, NEXT, and TRY. It's soft headed, like a lot of the characters, a little goofy, however the show doesn't lose its charm. Some of the side stories are just dumb as hell, and even the cast laments this idiocy, but other times we're treated to something really magical.