Stellvia of the Universe

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Stellvia of the Universe
Kids in Space!
Original Title Uchuu no Stellvia
Character Design Goto Keiji
Director Tatsuo Sato
Format Anime (TV)
US Distribution GENEON Entertainment
Original Air Dates 2 April 2003 – 24 September 2003
Episode Length 30 Minutes
# of Episodes 26


Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Sum it up in a Sentence:

Starfleet Academy. Kids in space, learning how to become pilots, support crew, and how they deal with each other.

Main Description

Plot Synopsis

In 2356, Earth is recovering from a catastrophic blast-wave of energy from a distant supernova - a blast that killed 99% of the population. Now mankind is back on it's feet 189 years later, and has built large space stations or "Foundations" all over the solar system. The "Second Wave" is approaching, and it is the Foundations' place to teach these kids how to defend the Earth from the coming danger so that humankind is not decimated once more.


  • As with Martian Successor Nadesico, Stellvia was also slated for a sequel, but this was flatly quashed by the director.
  • Two games have been released in Japan - one for the PS2 and one for GBA.

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Personal Opinions

Excellent Anime - Kenderama

Stellvia's first episode is a little weak - as you'll find that the main character, Katase Shima, is kind of whiney and her family is really strange. However, the animation style should keep you around for a few-episode test, and by episode 4 you should be completely hooked. Be on especial lookout for the puppy scene in (I think) episode 2.

Must Watch - Dominic Hokage

This show is one hell of a ride from start to finish - and the space 'combat' comes close to being almost flat out boring! How does that work, you ask? Well, Stellvia isn't just 'kids in space', that would be doing the show an injustice. The characters start out as children, but by the end of the show they are all certainly adults. And I mean adult as in full maturity of the mind and spirit, because a lot of these characters are only a tender 18 or 19 years old by the time the show ends. The rite of passage is the show's most important theme... And not just for the young characters involved, but also for humanity as a species. I think that it is a marvelous idea to incorporate the story of the growth of a species into the story of a group teenagers becoming adults. If I ever required an example of masterful and emotional storytelling, Stellvia of the Universe would be my foremost example. If you're looking for things that explode, epic space combat, or space babes, viewers would be better off finding another show. Stellvia is space drama, the sci-fi elements are practically just tacked on. But if you're trying to find a more mature show that forces you to think a bit about life, then perhaps this is for you.


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