The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

DVD Cover.
Original Manga none
Director Mamoru Hosoda
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By Madhouse
Length 1 hour 38 minutes


Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance

Sum it up in a Sentence:

One day a girl discovers she has the incredible ability to travel backwards in time and she uses this power for her amusement before realizing what a mess she's creating.

Main Description

Makoto Konno is having a pretty rough day. She discovers that her little sister ate the desert she had been saving, she does very poorly on a quiz, and to top it all off she gets killed when her bicycle brakes fail at a railroad crossing.

Luckily for her that last part doesn't stick. Strangely enough she is transported back in time a few minutes right before accident. Talking with her aunt, she comes to know that this phenomenon is called "time leaping". And furthermore, she can use the ability at will. Saving her life and rescuing the pudding from her sister's clutches was just the beginning. Now those quizzes are a snap and she can continuously replay karaoke sessions to her heart's content.

However, the more she leaps, the more things seem to get complicated and messed up. Before long, she realizes that she may have irreparably damaged the timeline...

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Personal Opinions

Clanpot Shake

I'm a cold, emotionless bastard, and this movie brought me to tears. A beautiful movie.

Dominic Hokage

Great movie for when your day is going too well and you need to feel terribly depressed and lonely.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time A one shot movie done by director Mamoru Hasada and Madhouse Studios, which has won several awards, and had a limited release in the states. (Very limited.) Basic story, high school girl, realizes she has the power to go back and change things that happened to her, by leaping (literally, with a running start) backwards through time.

The backgrounds in this piece are beautiful and complex, and the character animation is wonderful. The characters themselves are interesting and real. This piece is a real treat for the eyes, and has a nice story.

4/5 as a movie.


Great animation and a fun story. The last 20 or so minutes are kind of crappy and about five minutes could have been shaved off the opening acts, but this is excusable in light of the rest of the movie being fantastic.