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Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Original Author Kinoko Nasu
Director/Artist Katsushi Sakurabi
Format Anime (TV)
Made By J.C. Staff
Episode Length half hour
# of Episodes 12


Suspense, Horror

Sum it up in a Sentence

A vampire girl meets a guy who can mince people with a pocket knife; they go on dates and fight other vampires.

Main Description

After an accident that leaves him nearly dead, Tohno Shiki awakens to find that he now sees the world as if it were covered in lines. This new vision assaults him with constant headaches, and furthermore he finds that by cutting along the lines he is able to dismember any object effortlessly. He even sees the lines on people. Highly disturbed by this, he is saved when a wandering woman with red hair befriends him and gives him special glasses to suppress the ability.

Years later, Shiki is living a normal life that is changed suddenly when he is called back to the Tohno family mansion. He had been living with some distant relatives, but with the death of his father Shiki's sister Akiha has asked him to return to the main house. At the same time, bizarre blood-sucking murders have been occurring around the town. Upon meeting a strange woman with golden hair, Shiki finds that his "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" may soon find a ghastly use.

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Personal Opinions


The Tsukihime anime is an adaptation of a decent visual novel that removes most of the things that were good about it in the first place, leaving a nearly unwatchable wreck of poor character designs and boring characters. It doesn't help that the route that was chosen for adaptation is far from the best route in the original visual novel. Read the visual novel instead if you're interested.

Nate RFB

For the Visual Novel fan, Tsukihime is a landmark title that many owe themselves to read. It launched TYPE-MOON into the forefront of the VN community, and was especially notable for being one of the first major VN translation attempts to succeed. It helps that the story is pretty fascinating and classic a Kinoko Nasu work. For the anime fan, well, there's a reason there's a meme stating "There is no Tsukihime anime".

Dj Meow Mix

This is a another case of "wow I enjoyed this until I checked out the previous source material". I do that a lot. Type-Moon characters and plot are (as per usual) interesting and amusing to follow. If you really have no interest in checking out the visual novel, it can't hurt too much to watch this instead, but be aware you're missing out on much better plot threads (especially the ending.) That said, if you are going to check out the visual novel, do yourself a favor and install the no ero patch. Nasu can write one hell of a story, but his sex scenes are best avoided.