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Personal series ratings

On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best).

Title Genre Animation Story Overall Recommend? Why
Air Drama 4 6 5 No The first animated adaptation of a Key game and not their best try.
Air Gear Action 7 4 5 No Fun music and concept, but anime doesn't get very far.
Angel Beats! Drama 4 4 2 No Plagued with horrible characters and poorly executed story.
Attack on Titan Action 9 8 9 Yes Mysterious world and dangers create good tension, also wild action.
Clannad Drama 8 9 9 Yes The best series Key has to offer. After Story (season 2) is very emotional.
Code Geass Action 8 9 8 Yes Good anti-hero story who has mastermind planning everywhere.
Cowboy Bebop Action 10 10 10 Yes Universally loved for a reason.
Detroit Metal City Comedy 8 5 8 Yes A fun blast of fast-paced humor.
Eureka seveN Action 9 6 5 No Many things are never explained, sullen and angry characters all throughout.
Fairy Tail Action 3 2 3 No Horribly animated, and manga was promising and well-illustrated before it turned to shit.
Fist of the North Star Action 4 5 10 Yes Damned awesome because it's campy and from the 80s and ATAAAAAH
From the New World Sci-Fi 9 7 8 Yes A sci-fi series that delivers on suspense and mystery.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Action 9 8 8 Yes Faithful to original manga and excellent quality.
Ga-Rei: Zero Action 9 7 8 Yes Really good undead-slaying action on top of a dramatic story of betrayal.
Highschool of the Dead Action 9 6 6 Yes I don't typically like zombie series but there's good action and tension. Too much fanservice though.
Honey and Clover Romance 8 9 9 Yes Lots of romance plots interlaced with beautiful art setting.
Inferno Cop Action 2 1 6 Yes Set your brain on stupid and watch this series that totals to half an hour.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Action 8 9 10 Yes A more cunning and dramatic Fist of the North Star, but less kung fu.
Kiddy Grade Sci-Fi 7 6 5 No Unless you're really thirsting for space sci-fi, otherwise not too deep and forgettable.
Kids on the Slope Romance 8 7 7 Yes Good drama mixed with jazz ambience.
Kill la Kill Action 9 3 5 No Studio Trigger does not automatically mean good.
Kimi ni Todoke Romance 7 7 7 Yes Cute romance of a shy girl.
Lovely Complex Romance 6 7 8 Yes Excellently funny rom-com.
Lucky Star Comedy 7 3 5 No Guilty pleasure; didn't like the glamorizing of otaku life and the moé.
Minami-ke Comedy 8 3 8 Yes Good ol' family comedy. Avoid anything after season 1.
My-HiME Drama 8 6 6 Yes Fairly good combination of action with drama when loved ones are at stake. Ending sucks though.
My-Otome Drama 8 5 6 Yes If you absolutely need more My-HiME in an alternate (?) universe.
Negima!? Fantasy 8 3 4 No Entertaining animation and random humor, but typical harem hero and bullshit detracts a lot.
Nichijou Comedy 10 3 9 Yes Insane animation over the weirdest, everyday things.
Nodame Cantabile Romance 8 7 7 Yes Only if you enjoy classical music, otherwise romance might not be enough.
Ouran High School Host Club Romance 7 6 7 Yes Reverse-harem story with faaaabulous men and a silly sense of humor.
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Comedy 9 6 9 Yes East meets west in a raunchy comedy about badass angels.
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Fantasy 10 5 8 Yes Absurdly good animation by Studio Ghibli with tons of seaside visuals.
Samurai Champloo Action 9 6 8 Yes Trippy samurai journey with realistic, gritty swordfights.
Seto no Hanayome Comedy 8 5 8 Yes Jam-packed with rapid-fire comedy.
Shinryaku! Ika Musume Comedy 8 3 8 Yes Like a cute Wile E. Coyote in anime...who's a squid.
Silver Spoon Comedy 8 5 7 Yes Chill anime about farm life in agriculture school.
Spirited Away Fantasy 10 6 8 Yes Mind-blowing Studio Ghibli animation in a trippy adventure.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Action 10 6 9 Yes Super action fun and Imaishi animation that just don't stop.
Tenjho Tenge Action 7 5 4 No Fanservice won't save this anime adaptation that goes into the past half the time.
The iDOLM@STER Comedy 8 5 7 Yes Stupid fun following some girls who work hard in the 'biz.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Sci-Fi 9 6 6 No Animated with detail and has mysterious plots, but never gets far and no future anime is planned.
Toradora! Romance 8 7 6 Yes Enjoyable enough story, but stop with these Kugimiya Rie "tsundere" characters.
Yakitate!! Japan Comedy 6 4 6 No A little too long for its own good, but tolerable if you love puns and food battle.
Zero no Tsukaima Fantasy 6 3 2 No Looks deceptively interesting at first, then degrades into harem fetish bullshit.



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