Onani Master Kurosawa

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Onani Master Kurosawa
Omk Cover.jpg
aka: Fap Note
Original Manga Ise Katsura
Director/Artist Yoko
Format Manga
# of Chapters 31


Comedy, Drama, Romance, Suspense

Sum It Up In A Sentence

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Main Description

Meet Kurosawa. He's a middle school student, doesn't have much of a social life and considers the people around him, and their petty lives, a bother. His hobbies are reading, listening to music, and... masturbating. Particularly, his greatest vice is jacking off in an abandoned girls toilet every day after school while fantasizing about his female classmates, a task he considers to be his 'daily duty' and builds his entire schedule and life around.

When he uses his "abilities" to get revenge on some students picking on a classmate, Kitahara, he gets caught red-handed by said girl, who proceeds to blackmail him into continuing to "help" her get revenge on the people who bully her. Things only escalate when the two partners in crime make friends with Nagaoka, the head of the class' otaku, and Takegawa, a girl who Kurosawa likes.

As things spin wildly out of control, and Kurosawa begins to realize his changing feelings, things come crashing down and Kurosawa is forced to realize what he really desires in this world.

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Personal Opinions


Onani Master Kurosawa is quite a surprise; going into it, it seems like a joke manga: it's basically about a creepy kid named Kurosawa who hates everyone around him and only lives for his peculiar fetish. His heart is as locked tight as the girl's bathroom stalls he masturbated daily in. And it's quite funny and, even suspenseful. Kurosawa is a wreck, and the author never hides that. He's a wreck who's happy with who he is, but a wreck none the less. But Kurosawa is human. The most surprising thing about this manga isn't the weird subject matter and how dramatic/ funny it can be, really, but rather where it goes, and how Kurosawa grows. He does horrible things, and in time, he comes to realize just what he wants in the world. It's quite.. touching, really. It's a well written and drawn manga that I found incredibly enjoyable.

I highly recommend it, no matter how weird the subject matter is.


Well, that was a suprise. What I was expecting was some creepy hentai thing that I'd stop reading after the first few pages. What I got was a hilarious school drama manga that I couldn't stop reading. Only problem is that it's still being translated, and the translation group are a bit random with their updates.


A bizarre premise that becomes one of the best coming of age stories I've ever read. I might not recommend this to newcomers to manga due to the bizarre setup at first, but it's definitely worth reading. Superbly done.


Started reading this based on the recommendations here. Even forewarned, I was totally taken by surprise by how well-written and honest this was. I couldn't put it down. Also, as a note on new readers- my non-animu fiancée asked what I was reading, and I explained the premise to her, and she just laughed and said it sounded good. I don't think this series needs any strong warnings for the setup; just check it out.


This really is worth checking out whether you ironically or unironically like to criticize the tropes of creepy manga content. It hits hard because the school's social hierarchy is relatable and you see the life and growth of those on the bottom of the pyramid. My favorite thing about this manga is the juxtaposition of both the good and bad ways the main character can turn out to be through Kurosawa's partner-in-crime Kitahara. You'll have the characters grow on you and be left satisfied that the manga ties up loose ends really well. For extra immersion, you can download the audio drama of the series on the official website that follows the manga dialogue word for word [NOTE: Audio downloads currently down]. --Willsun 00:50, 11 May 2011 (UTC)


If you finished this manga and require more of the same vein, try the series "Molester Man" drawn by the same artist. It starts with another stupid premise which turns into an another amazing story. Batoto link