The Garden of Words

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The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa)

Original Manga 1 Volume, Kodansha(JP) Vertical(EN)
Director Makoto Shinkai
Format Anime (Movie)
Made By CoMix Wave Films
Length 46 minutes


Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Sum it up in a Sentence

Two people come together in different stages of their lives and search for the strength to carry on.

Main Description

The story focuses on Takao, a 15-year old shoe cobbler-in-training, and Yukino, a mysterious 27-year old woman who brings beer and chocolate to the park. The two meet at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden by chance on a rainy day. They begin conversing together on rainy days as they wait for the rain to pass under the pagoda in the Garden. From there we learn about their hopes for the future as well as their fears and regrets of the past. It's a beautifully crafted story about the distance loneliness creates from our true thoughts to the way we communicate our feelings.

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Personal Opinions


This movie was amazing to me. The animation quality is incredibly gorgeous, it really brings to life the themes and motifs that Shinkai is trying to portray throughout the film. The story in my opinion was very well paced (compared to 5 cm/s) and perfectly expressed. Even though it was brief, I felt a connection with the troubles of each character as their hopes, dreams and troubles were revealed over the course of the film. I believe that there is something for everyone in this film and that everyone should watch it at least once.